History is one grand storyline.

As someone has said, “History is His Story.” The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are weaving a beautiful story of redemption. Each part is intricate and meaningful.
But nothing is more important than the ending of a story. If you watch a movie or TV-Show or read a book and there is no good ending you come away disappointed. The Lord has hard-wired into us to long and looks for an epic conclusion in every story.

This is especially true for the greatest story.
The story of God pursuing humanity to the uttermost. It is the grandest story with the most magnificent ending one could imagine. It is a story where the Bridegroom gets the Bride. Where they burn with love for one another. The Father joyfully presenting that Bride to the Son. 

With this in mind, let us look at some of the reasons why studying the ending of the story is vitally important.

The happy ending is surely coming!